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Wrap them up in love and Go with peace of mind…


Made using, Polar Fleece, Micro Fleece and Pony Skin.

Coming soon…

Bamboo Fleece and recycled plastic bottles fleece.

Watch the video and see how easy it is to use.

We want you to have more fun, less fuss...

The easiest and quickest baby coat you will ever use!

Four products in one, equals exceptionally good value for money and is so versatile you control your babies temperature at all times.

Designed by a parent for parents...

Karen Cross, a mum of two designed the Wrap and Go when her second child was just a few months old and her eldest was 8yrs old.

There was no time to ‘settle into’ motherhood with baby number two. Karen had to think of a way of making life easier for the school run, in and out of the car and buildings for her daughters various activities and find a way of putting her sons coat on and off without waking him up.

And so the Wrap and Go was borne from ‘real hands on’ experience.

With ease of use along with sustainability at the forefront, Karen has managed to bring the two together in her design, choice of materials and practical approach to packaging.

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Suitable for both the car seat or pushchair, your baby is strapped into both making travelling in a car seat that much safer and ensuring the two finger rule is un compromised.

Layer up or not..

As an all year round product the Wrap and Go is a coat, a swaddling blanket, a cosy toes with the jacket secured around the back of the push chair or unzip the cosy toes completely.

Wrap them up in Love and Go with Peace of mind... Wrap and Go... Making life easier for you... The coat that thinks it's a blanket, the cosy toes that thinks it's a coat...
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 The ideal gift…

  • Already gift wrapped
  •  Three sizes to choose from.
  • Fits a three and five point harness.
  • Fits Push chairs and Car seats.
  • Warm when outside, cool when inside.